Waka, Rhe & Gil

Let us introduce you to the team & how Cruze Coffee began!

Meet Gilberto Risa, the founder and owner of Cruze Coffee. Growing up in his home town of Florence, Italy,  as a young barista it's only natural that Gil chose coffee as his life passion and conquest.

Beginning his career at the young age of eight or nine, Gil worked in his family restaurants & cafes, earning his way up through the ranks. It's fair to say, he's had enough experience to guarantee a beautiful brew every time.

After moving to Australia in 1992, Gilberto took on many ventures and eventually ended up in Cairns, Queensland- where the idea of Cruze Coffee was born & some years later, open for business.

The passion for coffee does not end at Gil, it runs through both Waka Hoskins & Rhiannon Hill- the zealous staff that keep Gil in line & a smile on everyones faces.

Both Rhiannon & Waka go ga-ga for a delicious brew & enjoy making, teaching & inspiring people about the coffees of the world.

With over thirty varieties to choose from, they have one to suit your taste & style. We all have our own preferences, especially when it comes to coffee, why not have fun & choose at Cruze. From original Cruze blends to single origins and flavoured, there is always a coffee that will spoil the tastebuds & get the heart starting! At Cruze Coffee, the goal is simple; to deliver fresh coffee, quality service & to inspire all those as passionate as them!

Let them make you a coffee you can't refuse...after all, life's too short to drink bad coffee!